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Who and what is the property Care Association and what does it stand for?

April 1st, 2014

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The Property Care Association

Who and what is the Property Care Association and what does it stand for?

Historically the preservation of timber and installation of retrofit damp proof courses were represented by two separate associations known as; the British Wood Preserving Association (BWPA) and the British Chemical Dampcourse Association (BCDA). In 1989 these two associations united to form the British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association (BWPDA) effectively forming a single association to represent the preservation industry and professionals who specialise in damp, decay and wood boring insect’s, repairs which were commonly associated together.

Over the years the preservation of buildings has evolved extensively from just dealing with the effects of damp and decay and professionals working within the industry were utilised in additional repairs due to their extensive and in-depth knowledge to deal with issues of internal dampness such as condensation, penetrating damp, flooding and flood control and structural repair. In this sense the industry as a whole evolved further into specialist building maintenance and repair. Preservation professional were therefore in need of an association that not only represented their skills in damp and decay diagnostics and repair but an association that would represent our other specialist skills. Therefore In 2003 the Property Care Association was formed to replace the BWPDA representing professionals within the industry who deal in all aspects of property care and building maintenance issues.

The Property Care Association is now the leading industry body for professionals involved in; structural waterproofing, flood control, wood preservation, damp proofing and structural repair in the UK.

The objectives of the PCA are to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and expertise operate among its members achieved through extensive training and support. Over the years PCA have formed a series of training courses which have been specifically designed around the specialist services its members provide. These courses are designed and delivered by industry professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience conveying information in a professional, measured and structured format. Advancing onwards through the training courses, a higher level of industry accreditation can be achieved with formal qualifications in both the practical repair of buildings with technician’s examinations and further still with industry recognised diagnosis and identification surveying courses and qualifications.

The Property Care Association is focused on increasing standards within the industry and improving customer confidence and as such the PCA was also a founder member of the government endorsed TrustMark scheme. TrustMark was established to assist property owners find reliable, honest and trustworthy trades people, promoted through  scheme operators such as our PCA with approved contractors recognised via the TrustMark stamp of approval.

All Scheme operators such as our PCA are audited annually by TrustMark, to ensure processes, standards and complaint procedures are maintained.

 Maintaining High standards – The Property Care Association’s Mission Statement

“To promote high standards of professionalism and expertise within the industry through training and other support services. To promote these standards outside the Association to ensure that members of the Property Care Association are perceived as the best providers in these specialist sectors: structural maintenance, timber preservation, damp and condensation control, flood protection and remediation and the control and management of invasive weeds.

With a comprehensive training programme and a wealth of information for members, industry professionals and householders, the Property Care Association is the industry expert. Always striving to promote the work of the specialist contractor to clients, the PCA provides an industry voice on behalf of members. We work with government departments, respond to consultation documents and provide assistance with the development of new guidelines, all with the aim of improving outcomes and promoting best practice.”

All companies working within the remedial industry should strive to become PCA members – is your contractor a PCA member?………..

To find out more about the Property Care Association visit their website www.property-care.org









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