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7th April 2014

Our employees are not just good, they are award winningly good!

Last week was the annual conference for the Property Care Association which saw closure of a fulfilled day of guest speakers, trade association interaction and annual general meetings for the PCA and GPT with an evening dinner and awards ceremony. Last year we narrowly missed first place for the “Project of the year award” and this year we were determined to achieve some industry recognition for our hard work over the past 6 years. There are numerous categories to enter the awards for such as; Training and staff development, Innovation and sustainability, Project of the year and Contractor of the year.
This year however, was the final year for one of our employees (Fraser Rafton) who has been enrolled in a joinery apprenticeship with York College. Fraser has performed extremely well throughout his apprenticeship, demonstrating real talent achieving student of the year in his first year and winning the college and regional Yorkshire skill-build competitions In his second year. Reviewing Frasers achievements since joining the company almost 5 years ago we thought he deserved recognition for his efforts, so we entered Fraser for the Property Care Association “Employee of the year award”.
Before letting you know what Fraser has achieved this past year he’s a little information about Frasers outstanding achievements since joining the company.
Fraser joined Dryfix in our early days in 2009 and was initially introduced into the company as a labourer. From his initial employment it was evident however that Fraser had both talent and potential and was quickly enrolled on a PCA (Property Care Association) technicians training course to join the rest of the workforce as PCAQT’s (Qualified Technicians). Fraser took the course in his stride soaking up the masses of both technical and practical information before moving swiftly forward into structural water proofing, asbestos and health and safety courses.
At this stage our business was changing rapidly moving into the water damage and restoration industry and armed with his new found technical knowledge in the damp and timber industry Fraser was more than keen to adapt these principles into the damage management industry. Fraser spent the following year training with the NFS (National Flood School) and IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Certification) completing the Water Restoration (89% pass rate), Structural Drying (89% pass rate) and Mould Remediation Courses with astounding pass rates on difficult courses, adding the letters WRT, MRT and ASD to his PCAQT qualification (read the news articles on our website for more information –
With an already impressive portfolio Fraser wasn’t about to stop there. Fraser had already demonstrated he had expert technical knowledge and understanding in his subject and practically he was being guided, learning onsite by his team mate Alan Rutter a bricklayer by trade with great understanding of buildings, structure and also a PCAQT. Fraser however needed his own trade so supported by the company he enrolled into York College of building as an apprentice joiner.
Frasers first year in college only delivered more enthusiasm and passion for his work as he began to learn in detail the intricacies of a trade in the industry.  In his first year Fraser and I were invited to attend the ’York College Construction Awards Ceremony 2013’, to celebrate outstanding performance from students studying a range of different construction skills. Fraser was awarded ‘Best Apprentice’ by the tutors of York College and was presented the award and an incentive by the Head of construction Mr Kevin Clancy and Gary Edwards, Executive Director, of Strategic Development at Shepherd Construction. (Read the news article on our website - http://www.dryfix.net/dryfix-yorkshire-news-article.php?article=Construction%20Awards%20for%20Dryfix%20Employee
In 2013 Fraser threw himself into work and his second year at college achieving 90% distinction grades in his theory and practical examinations. In fact Frasers practical examination pieces were so good each piece was kept by the college and used on a demonstration board for following students.
After been awarded ‘Best Apprentice’ in his first year news of his talent had spread and we were invited to tender for repair works at the home of  Mr Mark Shepherd, Director of the Uk’s largest privately owned construction company ‘Shepherd Construction’.  After winning the tender Mr Shepherd who had heard of Fraser achievements, request Fraser who was recently award ‘Best Apprentice’ by one of the Shepherd Group Directors undertook the damp course repairs.
In 2013 Dryfix also nominated an interesting project to the PCA for the Project of the year awards which involved analysing and repairing a water damaged building that had been inaccurately diagnosed with rising damp. Whilst despite not winning the award we did win the contract for repair, which was the perfect project for our star employee damp and water restoration technician. Fraser took charge of the whole project which was completed on time, on budget and not only to the highest of standards but to our clients’ satisfaction too.
Over the past year 2013 – 2014, how could we possibly have expected Fraser to improve on his recent performance? Being our superstar of course he did! In late 2013 Fraser took part in the York College Skill build event, a competition designed to test the talent of apprentices in a timed heat building models which are scrutinised for accuracy and quality by the tutors. Of course Fraser won the competition and was therefore challenged with representing York College at the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) regional Skill-Build competition. Skill-Build is the largest multi-trade competition in the country for construction trainees and apprentices, covering ten craft occupations such stone masonry, bricklaying and joinery. Of course Fraser once again shined with superstardom and took first place in the regional competition, that’s achieving first place and top marks for joinery skills competing against the most talented apprentices across Yorkshire. Gleaming with success Fraser will now go onto compete in the Skill-Build National competitions against the best joiners in the country.
Fraser has proven over the past five years that he’s not only able to absorb and understand subjects at a basic level but also at high level proven by his examination results and technical knowledge. Frasers also proved over the past year he’s able to continue this level of commitment and concentration over a longer duration through a two year long term skilful course earning the respect of his employer, follow colleagues, college tutors, clients and pocket a few awards along the way.
Despite his obvious talent for his trade, technical knowledge and skill, Frasers tenacious approach to his work means he never forgets the rudimentary aspects, he is punctual, more a job completing no matter how big, small or technically challenging Fraser is our man, in-fact he’s our superstar.
With such an impressive background in a very short period of time Fraser bagged the PCA “Employee of the Year Award” too to add to his growing résumé along with a new Ipad air and bottle of champagne.
A very well done to you Fraser from myself and the rest of the team, you thoroughly deserve the award. The only worry I now have is, If you continue along this path you’re more than likely to take my job!


Russell Rafton
Dryfix Preservation Director (and elder brother to a multi award winning joiner)
Pictures of Fraser competing in the regional SkillBuild competition that he won.


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