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Fraser Rafton and Alan Rutter both Qualified Remedial Technicians for Dryfix Preservation Ltd recently visited Wykamols head office in Burnley. Wykamol being one of the UK's leading manufactures of products for the remedial treatment industry.

Fraser and Alan attended Wykamols school of training and education in order to improve their knowledge and expertise in the use of cavity drain membranes and specialist pump and drainage systems used for converting basements into dry habitable living spaces.

Theory lectures covering the application, specification and installation of these specialist below ground water proofing systems were given by qualified and experienced building engineer Reg Mcdonald.

An introduction into BS8102 the British Standard "Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground" provided a deeper understanding of why and when membranes should be specified and the level of protection required for a building.

A practical introduction showed the correct ways to install and fix membranes to a range of substrates, including the specification and installation of a wide range of different cavity drain membrane products.

Drainage and water management is also an issue when installing these types of systems especially where below ground, as intended. A full demonstration and explanation of a wide range of available drainage and pumps systems was given.

Following a day of pumping action Fraser and Alan were both taken on a tour around Wykamols factory to see for themselves the techniques used and stringent tolerances which goes into the manufacture of these highly specialist membranes.

Converting below ground rooms (basements/cellars) into habitable living accommodation is an ideal way of utilising existing space and adding value to your property. As with any project, it is essential that professional advice is sought especially with converting below ground rooms to ensure that your new room will be dry upon completion and remain dry for the future life of the building.

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