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Condensation master class

26th September 2018

Today I've been back to PCA (Property Care Association) headquarters attending a course on condensation presented by the grandfather of knowledge Mr Grahem Coleman. The course was titled 'A diagnostic approach to understanding condensation, atmospheric moisture and mould' and beleive it or not, this is the third time ive sat this course. So why sit the course again?....

Well even as a professional that practices daily the teachings within this course, there is often so much information delivered in that its almost impossible to absorb and retain 100% of the information. Over the years technologies advance and legislation and codes of practice both for inspection and repair change and get updated. Sitting the course for a third time simply makes sure that with the condensation season looming that i'm upto date with any recent changes, fills in the gaps where information has faded over the years and reinforces my knowledge as a true professional and specialist in the world of atmospheric moisture, condensation, damp and mould. 
Attending both new and old courses also provides the perfect opportunity to meet up with new people within the industry and share knowledge and experiences. 
Many thanks to Grahem, as always another well presented course.


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