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Construction Line Approved

April 2013

Dryfix are proud to announce that we have recently been approved as members of the Construction line Register. Construction Line is the UK's largest database designed for construction buyers as a pre-qualification for contractors and consultants working within the construction Industry. The construction Line register is owned by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (formerly the Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform) and is supported by the Office of Government Commerce and the Department of Communities and Local Government. Its aim is to provide efficiency savings to public and private sector procurers and the construction industry as a whole by streamlining procurement procedures.
Construction Line was established in 1994, as a response to recommendations in Sir Michael Latham’s Report, ‘Constructing the Team’ and Sir John Egan’s 1998 Report, ‘Rethinking Construction’. Their report outlined the basic principles for improving quality and efficiency in UK construction, with five key elements of change for the construction industry at large, these being: a committed leadership, a focus on the customer, integrated processes and teams, a quality driven agenda and commitment to people. Read the report here: Rethinking Construction Report
Its procedures follow Government’s current understanding of EU public procurement legislation and the Local Government Act and is managed in accordance with a strict interpretation of the legal framework applicable to pre-qualification, thereby reducing associated risks for procurers. This basically means prior to you considering us for a contract, we have already proven as a company that we've crossed our T's and dotted our I's with relevant staff skills and qualifications, efficient equal opportunities policies, environmental policies and Health and Safety policies, we also have sound financial status and integrity as a business, so there's little chance of us going belly up during your contract. 
So what does this mean? Well it means you, a potential supplier of our business no longer needs to worry whether we are a legitimate business and should no longer have the administration expense of checking us out, Construction Line have done that for you. Our construction line pre-qualification is there to reinforce our standing as a sound and financially stable business. As a supplier to the industry our construction line membership means we undergo a financial assessment to the Construction Line standard and must satisfy Construction Line’s in-house accountants that we are financially viable and are unlikely to expose a buyer to undue risk of financial failure if we are selected to be invited to tender.
The construction Line register already has around 19,000 suppliers and 8,000 buyers using the database, so should be a great source of legitimate enquiries to our business.
Our membership into the Construction Line Register is just another example of how we will strive to become the most effective, trust worthy and efficient business in our industry.


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