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Flir Thermography Training


March has been a busy month for us what with Russell and Fraser passing their Water damage restoration examinations, however, nevertheless Russell Rafton our Senior Surveyor still managed to make time to attend an introduction day to thermography held at Statham Lodge by Flir Systems.

Dryfix purchased a Flir thermal imaging camera almost a year ago to improve the speed and efficiency of diagnostic inspections for damp and water damage restoration. Russell states "The thermal imaging camera allows us to quickly scan large areas for defects such as; water intrusion/damage, air leakage, missing insulation, locating hidden services and heating problems, saving our clients valuable time and money".

The training course was held by Flir's training and technical assistant Jon Willis and covered a great introduction into the principle and practice of infrared thermography specifically for building diagnosis.

Over the next few months we will be introducing thermography into our surveys with the emphasis on speed and accuracy in diagnosing damp problems. The Flir thermal imaging cameras allows us to clearly see hidden problems within the infrared spectrum which the eye cannot see.
This provides us with a greater insight into damp problems and their causes, resulting in credible and accurate diagnosis followed by a professional repair. "Because after all to see more, is to know more!"

Russell is anticipating taking his Level 1 Thermography training and qualification in December this year to continue his education in thermography, so all being well we should have another string to our bow.

Jon Willis from Flir credits Russell's training and enthusiasm saying "you have a good understanding of emissivity and how the environment can effect what we see, sometimes it is the very small detail that can make an image outstanding, Keep up the good work."


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