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Mould Remediation


Training again this month, as Russell and Fraser have been back to the National Flood School in Farnham to sit the first ever Mould Remediation Course run by the NFS in the UK . The course was written by the National Flood School following the IICRC Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mould Remediation S520 and was delivered by NFS Lecturer Adam Jankowski.

The course was packed with interesting information about the ecology and development of mould as well as safe guidelines and practices for mould remediation. The course also included a practical training day on setting up a safe and effective mould remediation protocol.

The suspected Health issues surrounding mould have been well documented with a litigation case in American running up to the value of 100 million dollars and many cases up to 10 million dollars.

The potential health risks associated through living with moulds are well publicised by the media 'Toxic mould' acclaiming that mould is the new asbestos , however despite all this, the health risks of mould exposure is not fully known.

Despite the controversial claims both scientists and health professionals acknowledge that indoor mould contamination is a health issue for some people. Contaminated areas should therefore be protected universally against potentially harmful moulds and require the immediate and safe removal by specialist.

Dryfix have been providing mould remediation services for the past two years now, however, as always felt this newly developed course would provide us with additional information filling in gaps and expanding our knowledge and existing skills.

If you have a mould problem and require advice or assistance, don't hesitate to call the specialists. Choose a company that meets it Health and Safety obligations, choose a company that provides accurate and credible diagnosis and repair and choose a company that has stringent, proven quality assurance standards - choose Dryfix.



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