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New Website


After almost a year in the design stage, Dryfix are pleased to announce that our long awaited new website should be complete for January 2011.

Although we received glowing feedback from our clients on the look and navigation of our old site, We decided the site could be much improved, with more information on problem subjects such as; damp and timber and the inclusion of our other range of services (thermal imaging, flood restoration and mould remediation) which have never been marketed and available online before.

We wanted to keep the familiar look and feel of the old site including the ease of navigation, so in some respects the new site is really an update of the existing. The new site packs lots of features with new images, videos and further links to other related sites, including our new you tube channel.

Due to the fanatically picky ways of our head surveyor (Russell Rafton - or Fussy Russy' as he's now called) the new site has taken almost 10 months to design working with web design company 'Zine Design' based in County Durham.

Alan Bradley from Zine design has been personally working with Russell on the design of the site over this period. Not only has Alan endured Russell's picky personality but has kept the project alive injecting the design of the site with extreme enthusiasm and passion, exactly what we were looking for.

We are expecting to launch the new site with the new year January 2011, and hope the site meets the long awaited expectations.

Many thanks to all those who were involved in its development.



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