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New Website Arrives


Over the past year we have been working on a new website. The idea of a new site was to facelift the cuurent website and promote more of our specialist services to new and existing clients such as; thermal imaging, mould remediation, flood restoration and drying. We also wanted to keep in touch with our clients with regular news, adding a news page and a web blog to discuss some of the interesting subjects and circumstances we encounter daily.

Although planned to launch in January 2011, the site has finally gone live at the beginning of April, better late than never and highly anticipated in over a years work. Whilst the site is live there are still a few pages that are awaiting completion, we expect to have these uploaded within the next few months - we promise.

The sites design was drafted by Alan Bradley from Zine Design who has been personally working with Russell from Dryfix on the look and feel of the site over the past year. Not only has Alan endured Russell's picky personality but has kept the project alive injecting the design of the site with extreme enthusiasm and passion, exactly what we were looking for.

The construction and hosting of the site has been undertaken by Jonathan Fava from Blackbox Grafika, who has advised on the functionality and content layout of the site. Jonathan too, has also endured Russell's picky personality, with change this feature, change this, and "oh no, I have changed my mind put it back the way it was".

Jonathan will be working with us on maintenance and updating the site and our youtube channel regularly to keep them alive and fresh, and we are extremely pleased to have such a professional contact onboard and to hand when ever needed.

We hope you enjoy the new site and services we offer and look forward to hearing from you soon.

A special thanks to all those involved in the site.


Russell Rafton

Dryfix Preservation Ltd - Managing Director






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