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Roof Revive - Thermal Performance

9th June 2012

We were recently contacted by a local architect James Hog who runs a conservatory roof insulating company 'Roof Revive York Ltd'. Roof Revive specialise in transforming conservatories into usefull rooms with their patented insulated roof system.
The problem with many conservatories is they can get too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This is because standard polycarbonate roof systems have virtually no insulating properties. Glazed roof conservatories fare little better and even roof blinds make little difference. Roof Revive developed a state of the art insulation system, which can be installed in just one day. It's cost effective and causes minimal disruption, as they don't need to take your conservatory apart fitting the system into the existing roof structure.
The system works by under drawing the existing conservatory roof using a composite insulation 'Superquilt' made up of 19 layers of reflective and insulating materials. Cross ventilation cowls are installed into the roof to prevent condensation, or ‘sweating’, of the structure prior to the whole system being clad and finished internally with plasterboard and plaster. No alteration is made to the existing conservatory roof or to its vaulted profile and only a minor 50mm (approx) reduction in headroom is incurred.
James Hogg (Architect & Director) of Roof Revive contacted us to see if we could assist with thermal imagery of their patented system before and after an installation. The purpose of the images was to demonstrate the potential energy saving benefits of their insulation system once installed. 
One of our surveyors visited a property equipped with a high specification Flir Thermal imaging camera prior to the installation and took images of the conservatory roof with a standard polycarbonate finish. Once the work had been successfully completed and the insulation system installed we re-visited the property taking  further images to highlight how well the system was performing with heat retention (see below).

The overall composite system meets requirements of L1A and L1B 2010 addition building regulations and the system  has been thermally tested in accordance with EN12667.
Roof Revive estimate the system has a high thermal resistance of 2.71m²K/W due to the Superquilt' multi foil heat reflective insulation. Roof Revive SuperQuilt effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer (i.e. conduction, convection and radiation). Roof Revive SuperQuilt works most effectively by reflecting infra-red radiation. This means that not only is Roof Revive SuperQuilt effective in winter by reflecting heat back into the building and cold out, but also in summer, Roof Revive SuperQuilt is a very effective solar over-heating barrier reducing the need for artificial cooling systems, preventing uncom­fortable build up of heat in the building.
Images taken of the roofing system in action can be seen below;
For further information on the Roof Revive system or its performance visit the Roof Revive website ; http://www.roof-revive.co.uk/


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