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Drying of a building or structure can be required for a variety of reasons, the most common being following a flood or water damage. Our drying services however, are also used in new build construction to remove unwanted water/moisture which may have become trapped within the building or materials usually due to poor weather during construction. This allows the builder to continue with providing finishes to the property internally rather than waiting for natural drying and the risk of spoiling finishes occurring due to dampness after the property is complete.

Drying of a structure and materials requires specialist knowledge and understanding of the moisture content of building materials and the way moisture/water behaves within materials and in the air. Specialist equipment is used both in the drying and measuring processes monitoring the reduction in atmospheric moisture and vapour pressure as well as the moisture content of materials.

To learn more about drying a building following a flood or the escape of water read up on our blog posts; or visit our surveyors photo gallery

Drying Services

Dryfix based in York, North Yorkshire specialise in the drying of buildings and materials. We can provide an assessment to determine the extent of water/moisture trapped within construction materials and atmospherically, extract flood water where required and the administer microbial treatment to prevent mould and mildew growth and waterborne bacteria and viruses in contaminated water.

We specialise in drying systems used to return buildings to a dry condition and provide a full monitoring service during the drying phase by trained and experienced National Flood School and IICRC qualified water restoration and structural drying technicians. Read more about our training here; Dryfix Blog.

Alternatively you can hire drying equipment from us to undertake drying yourselves, although it is recommended you seek advice and assistance as failing to dry correctly may cause further damage and result in prolonged drying times. For more information visit our hire section Dryfix Hire

Our services include:

  • External Inspections
  • Structural floor and roof inspections
  • Sub floor ventilation assessment
  • Damage analysis of timber
  • Insect Identification
  • Decay Identification
  • Wood Moisture Content assessment

It is the science and understanding of psychrometry which allows our specialist water restoration and drying technicians to evaluate the activates of moisture, water, vapour pressure and temperature allowing the controlled drying of a building. Their expert knowledge in the science of drying and a buildings construction aid their judgement over the choice of specialist equipment used during the drying phase. For this reason it is essential that when water damage or flooding occurs that you choose a contractor who is qualified in flood restoration and water damage repairs.

Standards and quality assurance

IICRC - The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration CertificationDryfix Preservation Ltd are a certified firm with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) the world's largest certification body for the disaster restoration industry.

The IICRC is a non-profit standard-setting organization dedicated to raising industry standards through technical proficiency. By administering a strict process of certification, the IICRC provides a means by which consumers can receive the highest quality of service from trained, knowledgeable, professional technicians.

All of our technicians are National Flood School trained and IICRC qualified in water restoration, mould remediation and structural drying.

Dryfix Preservation Ltd are the 1st company in the UK able to offer clients with an insured drying certificate and guarantee for our work. This is insurance provided by an independent third party FSA regulated insurance company and has been tailored specifically for us in credit to our extensive knowledge and training within both the remedial and restoration industries. Find out more about insurance guarantees read our blog; Dryfix 1st provider in the UK for insured water damage repairs

When comparing Dryfix with other contractors you must ask yourself who vets those contractors, who determines their technical skills, are they Health and Safety trained and are they good enough to be acceptable to an insurance company?

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