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Business Managemnet Training

23rd March 2013

It's been a busy week this week, with plenty of surveys to do and the York College Construction Ceremony Awards on Thursday Evening however, I still managed to slip in a visit to the Property Care Association Headquarters in Cambridgeshire yesterday for a course on Business Management.

The course was presented by Les Meikle, Director of Scotland's largest preservation firm 'Wise Property Care' and Martin Hughes Director of 'Yorkshire Damp Course' in Leeds. I had booked the course well in advance and was excited to hear Les and Martin explain the dynamics of running a business and how to successfully manage the operations both office bound and site based. Listening to Les flow through the course topics was inspirational he clearly has a business mind and the skills and knowledge to implement strategies and performance measures to ensure his business operates in a successful and organised manner. I have been to business management classes before however, it is much more admirable listening too and soaking up the wealth of knowledge from someone who is actually out there proving his business model works.
Luckily for us, Les had delivered and tailored the course to work within any of our businesses. All the attendees had different struggles with their business, some financial difficulties, some people management, some struggling to grow or develop and thankfully the course was not aimed for those wanting to run and operate a large scale business like Les's. Instead the course provided the fundamentals of all aspects of business management which could be used successfully at any level of business.
The course was very informative with lots of topics and group interaction with discussions on market planning, budgeting, cash flow, growth strategies and most importantly finding a happy place within your business. I suppose whether your business is local, national or international if your not happy within your workplace you cannot add value or lead your business in the direction it requires or deserves. After all happiness is a by-product of what we do and our work life's must reflect and add meaning to our overall happiness in order to achieve  success in both business and in our personal lives. 
Luckily I did not leave the class with in dismay that we were doing things wrong, instead I left with my head held high that we were actually getting allot of things right, which I suppose is represented by our success over the past few years. I finished the day feeling positive and reinforced with additional skills and knowledge to help me measure our businesses performance more accurately, forecast where we want Dryfix to be in the forth coming years and the foresight to keep my eyes open and not miss business opportunities which do arise most days however are often be overlooked during a busy schedule , to quote Les "Opportunities are rarely lost. Other grasp those that you miss" an important quote for us all in business to remember.
This was the first business management course the PCA have run however, due to its obvious success, suspect more will follow in the future. For anyone in business this class is a must. 


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