Structural Repairs

Structural repairs in Yorkshire

Structural Repairs in Yorkshire, York, Harrogate and Scarborough

Movement in buildings causing cracks can occur for a variety of reasons possible causes being the result of short term activity, such as recent building work, or more seriously the result of foundation movement, lack of restraint or the corrosion of embedded steel such as cavity wall ties.

Prior to undertaking any structural repair it is essential that a professional inspection is undertaken to diagnose the cause of the problem, which is likely to involve the services of a qualified structural engineer. We can assist in putting you in contact with a verified structural engineer to provide a thorough diagnosis before drafting a repair specification.

Once the cause of the problem has been established, we will work in close conjunction with your engineer to provide you with the best repair solution.

With our expertise and knowledge of specialist remedial systems we can provide an engineered solution to almost any structural problem. Remedial repairs offer a hidden, sympathetic, and stress free solution, which are environmentally friendly and often more cost effective than the alternative methods of demolishing and rebuilding.

Our remedial repairs can be used for;

  • Cavity wall tie replacement
  • Crack stitching
  • Cross stitching
  • Lateral Restraint (for walls, floors & roofs)
  • Masonry reinforcement
  • Lintel repairs / stabilisation
  • Creating movement joints
  • Creating load bearing masonry beams
  • Timber resin repairs / reinforcement

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Structural Repairs

Dryfix repairs are only carried out by experienced tradesmen and qualified remedial technicians who have been independently trained and accredited by the BWPDA / PCA our industry body.

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Structural Repairs

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