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Water damage to your home can be devastating, resulting in partial or complete flooding, damaging carpets, furnishings, plaster, decorations and personal belongings. Hence why it is important to prepare if your property is at risk of flooding.

You can find out if your property is at risk of flooding from the Environment Agency who regularly publish a three day flood risk forecast throughout the county; visit their website at www.environment-agency.gov.uk/flood or contact Floodline Warnings Direct by calling 0845 988 1188.

Even after a flood has happened further damage and risk to health can occur due what is known as secondary damage. Flood water can carry raw sewage and dangerous bacteria which can be left behind in the aftermath. The germination of mildew and moulds can also occur causing further damage and decay as saturated building materials begin to release moisture into the atmosphere. After a flood it is paramount your own safety is considered and your property should only be re-entered when considered safe and after all services, both electrical and gas have been inspected.

For further information on how to prepare for a flood as well as what action to take during and after a flood you can download the Environment Agencies guidance notes form our website - see below:

To learn more about flood restoration and water damage repairs read up on our blog posts; www.dryfix.net/blog/ or visit our surveyors photo gallery


After a flood has occurred returning the property to a safe condition requires prompt action by trained and experience professionals.

Our aims and services are;

  • Prompt action
  • Investigation into the extent of water damage by a fully qualified remedial surveyor
  • Application of a suitable anti-microbial solution to prevent mould and mildew growth and kill waterborne bacteria and viruses
  • Extraction of standing water
  • Drying the building and monitoring the drying process
  • Prevention of secondary damage i.e. mould growth (water damage)
  • Assistance with Insurers on claim (if required)
  • Reinstatement works

Dryfix based in York, North Yorkshire specialise in flood restoration and can handle your project for you. We can provide an assessment to determine the extent of damage, which includes a full written report for your insurers, undertaking the initial steps of inspecting services, extracting flood water and administering microbial treatment to prevent mould and mildew growth as well as kill waterborne bacteria and viruses in contaminated water.

We are also able to supply and install drying systems and equipment to return your property to a dry condition. We provide a full monitoring service during the drying phase by trained and experienced National Flood School and IICRC qualified Water Restoration and Structural Drying Technicians. Read more about our training here; Dryfix Blog. Alternatively you can hire drying equipment from us to undertake drying yourselves, although it is recommended you seek advice and assistance as failing to dry correctly may cause further damage and result in prolonged drying times. For more information visit our hire section Dryfix Hire


Upon completion of our drying services we are able to assist with the repair, returning your house back into a home with our team of qualified experienced tradesmen. We can also provide an insured guarantee and drying certificate for the work upon completion. Until now there has never been this type of insurance protection available to home owners for water damage or flood repairs, leaving home owners at risk if a failure with specification or workmanship were to occur.

Dryfix Preservation Ltd are the 1st company in the UK able to offer clients with an insured drying certificate and guarantee for our work. This is insurance provided by an independent third party FSA regulated insurance company and has been tailored specifically for us in credit to our extensive knowledge and training within both the remedial and restoration industries. Find out more about insurance guarantees read our blog; Dryfix 1st provider in the UK for insured water damage repairs

When comparing Dryfix with other contractors you must ask yourself who vets those contractors, who determines their technical skills, are they Health and Safety trained and are they good enough to be acceptable to an insurance company?

IICRC - The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration CertificationDryfix Preservation Ltd are a certified firm with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the world's largest certification body for the flooring inspection, floor covering and specialised fabric cleaning and disaster restoration industry.

The IICRC is a non-profit standard-setting organization dedicated to raising industry standards through technical proficiency. By administering a strict process of certification, the IICRC provides a means by which consumers can receive the highest quality of service from trained, knowledgeable, professional technicians.

All of our technicians are National Flood School trained and IICRC qualified in water restoration, mould remediation and structural drying.

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Want to know more about Flooding?


Flooding can occur by water entering your home from a variety of sources which might not necessarily be near-by or obvious. These include:

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Surface water runoff
  • Over flowing rivers
  • Backup/overload of drainage systems
  • The sea
  • Backup/overload of waste water drains
  • Overflowing ditches and drainage channels
  • Water rising from the ground


You can find out if your property is at risk of flooding from the Environment Agency who regularly publish a three day flood risk forecast throughout the county; visit their website at www.environment-agency.gov.uk/flood or contact Floodline Warnings Direct by calling 0845 988 1188.


Flood Restoration York & YorkshireFloodwater will enter your house through a range of ways, such as:

  • Through water bearing on porous or poorly maintained walls
  • Through cracks in walls / masonry
  • Openings around services
  • Through air bricks or vents
  • Gaps around door and window frames
  • Through gaps around pipes and cables that pass through walls
  • Through party walls from property next-door if it is flooded

The Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) have produced a series of detailed guidance papers on how floodwater enters a house and how to improve the flood resistance of your home. These can be downloaded from our website below;

Alternatively visit the CIRIA website for further information: www.ciria.org.uk/flooding


The depth of water is a key factor to controlling the extent of flood damage. Knowing the level of flood water and the risk to your property will help you reduce the overall extent of damage to your property and belongings.

If you think your home is at risk from flooding you will need to find out the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the maximum flood depth?
  • How often will the flooding occur?
  • How long will the flooding last?


The extent of damage caused by flooding can vary and depends mainly on the depth and duration of the flood, the source of floodwater and potential contaminations. The extent of flood damage is expected to increases as water rises above floor level and comes into contact with carpets, furniture, electrical appliances and sockets, kitchen units, plaster and joinery. The extent of damage can however be mitigated if you prepare for a flood by removing vulnerable belongings and furnishings and using flood defences.


Following a flood you, your family and pets may need to vacate the property during cleaning, drying and repair works. This may incur further costs in addition to those associated with the repair of your property; however your level of insurance cover and policy will provide further information.

It is important to recognise the damage to the property is only part of the total cost of flooding. It is not unusual to experience feelings of stress because of the loss of belongings, organising repairs and a loss of usual routine and accommodation. It is not until you consider the intangible costs of flooding with the costs of repair and restoration that you can fully estimate how flooding will affect you and therefore make a decision on how to reduce the associated impacts. *Extract from CIRIA advice paper 1*


To ensure you have the maximum amount of time to make preparations and implement flood defence systems, we recommend you sign up for the Environment Agency's Flood Warning System, either visit their website at www.environment-agency.gov.uk/flood or contact Flood-line Warnings Direct by calling 0845 988 1188.

If your property is located in a flood risk area we recommend you consider investing in flood defence systems, even if you have never experienced a flood previously. These systems do not need to be permanent or extensive. Simple maintenance of the walls and floors, sealing gaps around services entering through walls, windows and door frames will all help minimise the impact of a flood. You should also consider defence systems such as; flood boards for doors, windows, patio doors and garages, as well as airbrick covers and non-return valves for drainage systems. Further information on flood defence systems can be found at: www.floodsense.co.uk

Despite all efforts made to reduce flood water ingress you should expect some water to enter. It is therefore worth considering how you can minimise the level of damage by removing valuable furnishings and belongings and fixtures and fittings.

It is also recommend you check your level of insurance cover and notify your insurance company if you are at risk of a flood.

If you suspect a problem, require assistance, or need advice please don't hesitate to Contact us.

To learn more about the subject on this page read up on our blog posts; www.dryfix.net/blog/

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