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Remote Monitoring

Property remote monitoring in York, Harrogate and Leeds

Remote monitoring services

remote monitoring yorkshireFollowing a flood or escape of water event, drying systems are installed to return the building to its pre-loss condition. The affected building or areas will be considered dry once excess moisture has been removed and the affected area has been restored to its target drying goal.

During the drying phase the structure and atmosphere will be closely monitored to ensure the drying regime is balanced and working effectively.

Usually this monitoring process is undertaken by regular site visits from a trained water damage technician, however, site visits are time consuming and costly.

At Dryfix we use innovative remote monitoring systems which allow us to take full control of the drying operation remotely. Our supervision system allows real time control of our drying equipment and full monitoring of the structure and atmosphere.

Using our supervision monitoring system reduces the number of site visits to each project and can also effectively reduce the overall drying times.

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