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Damp Repairs

Damp Repairs in York Harrogate and Leeds

Do you have a damp problem in need of repair?

We pride ourselves as leaders in our industry with a commitment to deliver professional, high quality repairs backed by meaningful guarantees. Our Industry accreditation and multiple Awards over the years are recognition and tribute to this commitment. We are full members of the Property Care Association, Health and Safety Approved and Industry Accredited.

Whether you're a business, property professional, homeowner or potential purchaser, we can help.

Dryfix Team

Our team is a group of experienced surveyors, specialists and apprentice tradesmen. All projects no matter how large or small will inevitably involve various skills. Having our own inhouse surveyors and trades with a wealth of knowledge and experience is key to ensuring each project is completed on schedule, on budget and to a high standard. All our projects are managed by our contracts manager and progress diligently recorded daily.

Our primary intention to resolve your damp problem is through accurate diagnosis. Our surveyors will specify the safest and most effective method of repair for your circumstances, favouring a holistic approach with minimal impact to the building and environment.

Where treatment is required, Dryfix use an array of different treatments ranging from water repellents to physical barriers, ventilated membranes and diffusing gels. Not all damp issues, however, require treatment. Some simply require maintenance, repair or lifestyle changes and where necessary we will provide these services too.

An independent company

Throughout our website and literature, you will not find any association to manufacturers as we are not a supplier managed business. Many companies will associate themselves with one specific manufacturer meaning they will only recommend products from that manufacturer or supplier who will then often guarantee their work. This limits their availability to choose the right product for you and also means your guarantee is likely provided by a company which could cease trading in the future.

Dryfix are an independent company, and as such we specify products from a wide range of manufacturers, enabling us to specify what's most suitable for you and your requirements. Our guarantees are also provided by an independent FSA regulated Insurance company.

All products we use or specify are independently tested for their performance by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) and/or approved safe for use by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Our repairs are only carried out by our own team of employed, experienced tradesmen and qualified remedial technicians who have been apprentice trained and independently accredited by the Property Care Association.

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Damp Diagnosis what's involved?

Specialist advice for damp diagnosis, repair, timber decay, woodworm, water damage or structural problems

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