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Penertating Damp

Penetrating Damp in York, Harrogate and Leeds

Do you have a problem with penetrating damp?

Symptoms of penetrating damp can often resemble other sources of damp, and too often we've seen damp proof courses installed inappropriately through mistaken diagnosis for a penetrating damp or condensation related problem. It is for this reason that when a damp problem arises you should only instruct a professional company with qualified surveyors to investigate.

What causes penetrating damp?

Penetrating damp occurs when moisture migrates into or through the structure. This can often be caused by obvious defects such as rainwater services, plumbing leaks, weathered pointing or sealants around window/door frames. Sometimes however, the cause of penetrating damp may not be obvious, and identification may require further monitoring or exposure for accurate diagnosis.

Over the years we've solved some of the most complex penetrating damp issues which clients have resided with believing they were unsolvable.

Many penetrating damp problems can usually be resolved by repair, although in some circumstances where structures remain at risk, it may be necessary for additional repair or treatments to be considered. Structures which are below ground level such as basements may require other forms of water proofing or specialist protection.

How can we help you?

Dryfix specialise in a wide range of remedial repairs for different scenarios, so whether your problem requires a simple repair or a more complex waterproofing solution we can help.

Our surveyors will specify the safest and most effective method of repair for your circumstances favouring a holistic approach with minimal impact to the building and environment. Where treatment is required, Dryfix use an array of different treatments ranging from water repellents to physical barriers, ventilated membranes and diffusing gels. Not all damp issues, however, require treatment. Some simply require maintenance, repair or lifestyle changes and where necessary we will provide these services too.

All products we use or specify are independently tested for their performance by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) and/or approved safe for use by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Our repairs are only carried out by our own team of employed, experienced tradesmen and qualified remedial technicians who have been apprentice trained and independently accredited by the Property Care Association.

Suspect a Problem?

If you suspect a problem and require a survey, or simply need advice please contact us.

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What's involved in a Damp Survey?

Specialist advice for damp diagnosis, repair, timber decay, woodworm, water damage or structural problems

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