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The symptoms of penetrating damp can sometimes resemble rising damp, and many times we've seen damp proof courses installed inappropriately through mistaken diagnoses for a penetrating damp or condensation issues, causing unnecessary expense and a failed repair. It is for this reason that when a damp problem arises you should only instruct a qualified surveyor to investigate.

Is your damp surveyor qualified?

We provide professional and credible damp and timber reports which are only undertaken by experienced and fully qualified surveyors who hold the National Qualification for remedial surveying C.S.R.T. awarded by the BWPDA / PCA our industry body. This proves that our surveyors have been independently examined and tested, proving their extensive knowledge and expertise.

All of our surveys are carried out in accordance with The British Standards Code of Practice.

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Damp Surveys

Our damp surveys involve a thorough external inspection of the property to identify any potential defects with the damp proof course, ground levels, rainwater systems, drainage and other maintenance issues.

An internal inspection is undertaken to the walls of the property by means of non-destructive electronic testing using moisture profiling techniques. If our surveyors require the need to carry out detailed disruptive inspections in order to further asses any problems, we will, of course, ask your permission prior.

Our surveyors carry all the necessary diagnostic and inspection equipment onsite, including thermal imaging and fibre-optic cameras to examine hidden cavities, highlighting blockages and bridged damp proof courses. Salt analysis testing and equipment for in-depth moisture analysis of masonry walls and plaster is also available. Photographic evidence of our findings is recorded and included within our report, so you can be sure of correct diagnosis.

Our reports contain comprehensive advice of any problems identified and include our recommendations, specifications and costs for repairs, if necessary. Edited pictures along with category damage ratings are also included to assist your understanding about the urgency of any repairs needed.

Our reports are available in both printed media and/or converted into secure electronic Portable Documents (PDF) for email.

Damp Repairs

Penetrating damp occurs when moisture migrates into the building. This is usually caused by defective external rainwater services, plumbing leaks, weathered pointing, defective sealing around window or door frames and walls below ground level.

Many penetrating damp problems can usually be resolved by a simple repair. However in some cases, where extremely porous or exposed masonry is vulnerable, it may be necessary to apply masonry water repellents or internal physical waterproof barriers.

Walls which are below ground level such as Basements/cellars or where external ground levels are high may require other forms of water proofing and specialist drainage.

We specialise in a wide range of remedial repairs for different damp scenarios, whether your problem is a simple repair or a more complex waterproofing solution we can help. Our surveyors will specify the safest and most effective repair for your circumstances.

Health and Safety Executive - HSEAll products we use have been independently tested for their performance by the British Board of Agreement (BBA) and/or approved safe for use by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Dryfix repairs are only carried out by experienced tradesmen and qualified remedial technicians who have been independently trained and accredited by the BWPDA / PCA our industry body.

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Severe penetrating damp issues caused by poor parapet wall detail Severely deteriorated and salting plaster caused by penetrative damp Severe penetrating damp issues caused by poor parapet wall detail
Severe penetrating damp
issues caused by poor
parapet wall detail.
Severely deteriorated and
salting plaster caused
by penetrative damp.
Severe penetrating damp
issues caused by poor
parapet wall detail.

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