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Independent Damp & Timber Surveys in York Harrogate and Leeds

Dryfix Independent damp and timber surveys are only undertaken by our own experienced and qualified surveyors who have been independently trained and examined by our leading industry bodies, ensuring we offer a high level of knowledge and expertise.

We are accredited members of the Property Care Association and are regularly audited to ensure we consistently meet the high standards and ethical practices of the Association.

Our surveyors carry the latest in inspection and diagnostic equipment so, whether your problem is caused by penetrating damp, rising damp or an escape of water event, you can be sure of correct diagnosis.

Before undertaking any repair, it is essential to have your problem assessed by an experienced, qualified surveyor. Failing to have the problem diagnosed accurately may result in an unsuccessful repair, avoidable work, unnecessary expense and a risk of the problem returning. Our independent surveys are exactly that, independent providing an evaluation to determine the severity and extent of your problem with diagnosis to the cause and further advice on what remedial action is necessary. No quotation for repair is provided. Fully Informed you then have the option to approach any contractor of your choice to implement a repair based upon the sound, credible advice provided.

The Survey

Most independent building surveyors only offer a non-intrusive inspection, meaning that the survey is merely visual, assisted with an electronic moisture meter. Due to restrictions in these circumstances and the limitations of electronic meters the results can be misleading and therefore the diagnosis mistaken. This is something we encounter all too often where failed repairs were specified upon a misguided assumption with no factual evidence to support the diagnosis.

In pre-purchase circumstances disruptive surveys may almost always be limited, however, as much information will be obtained via non disruptive techniques using thermal imaging cameras and other specialist non-destructive testing equipment. A careful and considered approach to evaluate the risks involved will be presented to the purchaser, in addition to the option of further destructive investigations and assessments when the opportunity becomes available.

The Disruptive Survey & Laboratory Diagnosis

Where intrusive investigations are allowed, our Independent damp and timber surveys offer a full disruptive investigation and assessment. This may mean lifting floors to examine the structure below the building, removing skirting boards to assess floor/wall details or inspection into floor and wall cavities using specialist optical borescopes. In addition, Dryfix have our own inhouse laboratory facilities and offer advanced diagnostic services such as moisture content analysis using the gravimetic method and advanced chemical salt analysis.

independent damp & timber surveys york ukIndependent Damp Surveys
independent damp & timber surveys york ukIndependent Damp Surveys
independent damp & timber surveys york ukIndependent Damp Surveys
independent damp & timber surveys york ukIndependent Damp Surveys
independent damp & timber surveys york ukIndependent Damp Surveys
independent damp & timber surveys york ukIndependent Damp Surveys
independent damp & timber surveys york ukIndependent Damp Surveys

Gravimetric analysis is the most accurate process for establishing the true moisture content of a wall and determining its moisture composition as described in BRE 245 "Rising damp in walls: Diagnosis and Treatment". With the ability to identify exactly how much water is attributed to free moisture and hygroscopic moisture, including exactly where the moisture is distributed through the walls, we can accurately advise if a problem is persistent or historic and what remedial action if any, is necessary.

Salt contamination of masonry also presents its own problems, particularly if the contaminate salts are hygroscopic, meaning moisture absorbent. In such circumstances, materials contaminated with hygroscopic salt may appear wet even if they are dry. Chemical salt analysis will identify the presence of hygroscopic salts, the level of contamination and the distribution of salts within the structure. Understanding the above greatly aids diagnosis of the cause.

Dryfix have our own inhouse laboratory facilities and can provide these services for you.

Dryfix reports

Once complete, our surveyors will produce a bespoke report which will contain a comprehensive assessment of the problems identified during your survey. Your report will include our diagnosis, damage appraisal, and recommendations.

Edited pictures along with category damage ratings are also included to assist your understanding about the urgency of any repairs needed.

Our reports are available in both printed media and/or secure electronic portable documents (PDF) for email.

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