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Inspection Robot

Inspection Robot in York Harrogate and Leeds

At Dryfix we recognised that property owners are too often faced with the dilemma of a surveyor's best guess or a severely intrusive survey to discover answers to their problems. By developing a bespoke inspection robot, we realised that we could provide our clients with the answers needed and in a safe and efficient manner with minimal disruption. Our bespoke inspection robot makes the unsafe and previously inaccessible, now accessible.

Our Inspection robot's minimal dimensions mean's it's suitable for surveying subfloors and crawl spaces, and its lightweight construction also allows it to traverse over fragile roofs and ceilings. The robot is equipped with both spot and floodlighting to self-illuminate dark environments and incorporates a powerful high-definition camera equipped with optical zoom and manual focus for surveying. The front facing camera is located in a secure water resilient protective housing with tilting capabilities on its vertical axis. The robot also incorporates a rear facing camera with lighting to assist with surveying its surroundings.

The robot is equipped with independent track steering and incorporates 360° rotating arms at the front allowing the robot to safely climb over obstacles and navigate difficult terrain. The rear is also equipped with a large rotating tailgate which enables the robot to climb stairs and over obstacles up to 6" in height.

The inspection robot provides a real time high-definition live feed to our surveyors allowing them to observe and survey any environment all from the safety of a controller. The robot can even be equipped with additional accessories such as, thermal imaging cameras and data loggers allowing us to locate leaking pipes and record the atmospheric conditions.

Our inspection robot is a small yet, clever and capable inspection system specifically designed for the purpose of building surveying.

Our inspection robot is ideal for surveying in the following environments

  • Sub-floor / crawl space inspections
  • Roof void inspections
  • Surveys over fragile roofs / ceilings
  • Surveys in void spaces to small for safe access

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