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Timber Surveys

Timber Surveys in York Harrogate and Leeds

Have you discovered a problem with timber decay or infestation?

Before undertaking any repair, it's essential to have your problem assessed by an experienced and qualified surveyor, as failing to have the problem diagnosed accurately may result in unsuccessful repair, avoidable work, unnecessary expense and a risk of the problem returning.

Our timber surveys are undertaken by our own experienced and qualified surveyors who have been independently trained and examined by our leading industry bodies, ensuring we offer a consistently high level of knowledge and expertise.

Our surveys are conducted in accordance with British Standard Codes of Practice and industry guidelines.

Our timber survey's what's Involved?

Our timber surveys include a detailed assessment of the building starting with an external survey to identify potential building defects, which could allow water ingress or damp to occur, placing timbers at risk.

Internally our surveyors will endeavour to inspect all structural floor and roof timbers for decay and woodworm infestation. Provided prior permission is arranged, our timber surveys may include, but are not restricted to, lifting floorboards for sub-floor inspections and access into roof spaces. Where we suspect problems may exist and physical access is not possible, our surveyors may use specialist fibre-optic cameras or remote inspection robots to look into hidden places, so even the concealed can be revealed.

Our timber surveys include:

  • Floor and roof inspection
  • Sub floor ventilation assessment
  • Damage assessment of timber
  • Insect Identification
  • Decay Identification
  • Wood Moisture Content assessment

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timber surveys yorkshire uk
timber surveys yorkshire uk
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timber surveys yorkshire uk
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Dryfix reports

Once complete our surveyors will produce a bespoke report which will contain a comprehensive assessment of the problems identified during your survey. Your report will include our diagnosis, damage appraisal, recommendations, repair specifications and costs for repairs, if necessary.

Edited pictures along with category damage ratings are also included to assist your understanding about the urgency of any repairs needed.

Our reports are available in both printed media and/or secure electronic portable documents (PDF) for email.

Suspect a Problem?

If you suspect a problem and require a survey, or simply need advice please contact us.

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Woodworm treatment what's involved?

Specialist advice for damp diagnosis, repair, timber decay, woodworm, water damage or structural problems

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