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Fibre Optic and Borescope Surveys

Fibre Optic and Borescope Surveys in York, Harrogate and Leeds

Reveal the concealed using fibre optic and borescope technology

Buildings can be complex structures incorporating numerous voids and cavities that are not always accessible, or at least not without major disruption. It is often these voids and cavities where issues with damp and decay start to develop spreading unnoticed until eventually the magnitude of the problem becomes clearly obvious and undeniable.

Fortunately, however there are ways that hidden voids and cavities can be inspected. Using our specialist fibre optic and borescope cameras, we can inspect almost any concealed void allowing examination of what lies within and hopefully preventing problems arising.

At Dryfix we have an extensive range of specialist fibre optic and borescope cameras which can be used for inspecting almost any void or cavity. We also have a series of remote access cameras that can be used to provide surveys and inspections to high access locations.

Our fibre optic cameras and borescope camera provide a high quality visual inspection to conceal voids within minimal disruption.

Our fibre optic and borescope cameras can be used for

  • Cavity wall tie inspections
  • Cavity wall insulation inspection
  • Sub-floor inspections
  • Pipe and ductwork inspection
  • Roof inspections

Our high-level access cameras can be used for

  • Roof inspection
  • Chimney inspections
  • Gutter inspections
  • Any high level inspections

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