Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging surveys in Yorkshire

Thermal imaging surveys in York, Harrogate and Scarborough

Infra-red thermography is a valuable technique for assessing the surface temperatures of building materials and the overall thermal performance of buildings. The ability to see temperature variations through the fabric of a building provides a deeper insight when problem solving or carrying out routine predictive maintenance inspections.

Our thermal imaging surveys offer a non-invasive and non-destructive inspection with no or minimal disruption. Using infra-red imaging allows us to correctly identify problems quickly, or predict where problems may occur - saving you time and money.

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Our thermal image inspections can be used to identify problems with;

  • Damp
  • Condensation
  • Water / moisture damage
  • Leaking flat roofs
  • Air leakage
  • Heat Loss
  • Radiator / heating problems
  • Under-floor heating problems
  • Predictive / Preventative maintenance

Our thermal imaging techniques may also used during our other specialist services; damp surveys, condensation control, flood restoration and structural drying.

Standards and quality assurance.

All our surveys are carried out in accordance with British Standard Codes of Practice and relevant BRE (British Research Establishment) guidance. Unless specifically requested our surveys are qualitative, used as a method of comparative observation to find and observe hidden detail without the need for accurate temperature measurement.

A thermal image can be affected by local surroundings and the environment, for this reason a thermal image alone can be very misleading and easily misinterpreted. It is therefore the judgment of the skilled surveyor, to get the best from the equipment and interpret the image appropriately accounting for any onsite conditions. The results from a badly executed survey will lead to misinterpretation of the image and analysis no matter how hi-tech the equipment used.

All our surveyors are trained in thermography to ensure the correct diagnosis and repair.

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Want to know more about Infra-Red?

What is Infra-red?

Contrary to the belief- thermal imaging is not a super power like x-ray vision allowing you to see through things, thermal imaging simply see's heat (infra-red radiation).

Thermal ImagingOur eyes are light detectors and represent the world we see as colours, but our eyes only detect a very small part of the electromagnetic light spectrum known as visible light . There are however, other wavelengths/ parts of the spectrum that are invisible to our eyes such as infrared.

The Infra-red part of the electromagnetic spectrum lies between visible light and microwaves, which are invisible to the human eye.

Thermal imaging is the ability to see and capture radiation from the infra-red light spectrum. All objects above absolute zero temperature (-273.15 degrees C or 0 Kelvin) emit radiation in proportion to their temperature. The warmth we feel from a fire, sunlight or radiator is invisible to our eyes although can be seen through a thermal imaging camera.

Thermal imaging cameras are specifically designed to see and capture infra-red radiation waves and display them as a visual image on a display screen. When displayed temperature differences are visible as warm objects stand out against cooler objects or backgrounds.

So why is thermal imaging useful on a building survey?

Temperature differences occur within buildings due to many reasons such as; heat loss, poor thermal conductivity, air intrusion, plumbing leaks or moisture damage and evaporative cooling. A thermal imaging camera visually displays the temperatures of building components/fabric surfaces allowing often invisible, hidden defects to become apparent enabling us to correctly identify problems, or predict where problems may occur and provide appropriate repair.

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